As such, portfolios are windows on the metacognitive process of students. Many supervisors and managers may know what a portfolio is at a basic level, but few know how to use them as a learning tool in a management capacity. ePortfolio Examples. The tagline says it all: “Technology, Leadership, and the Future of Schools.” Of all the examples on this list, this is the only one that provides direct contact, offering a portal for leaving Scott a voicemail. What I like. It’s easy to navigate, and projects a warm, friendly atmosphere. The blog page is where you express your ideas or write about something you have achieved that can help others. Portfolio Examples. In many organizations, employees often don’t know what it takes to progress to the next level and move up the career ladder. Emily is an active mother of two and a dedicated elementary school teacher. SLS 2370 PLA Portfolio Development. I am passionate about creating lessons that both educate and inspire students. Employees get an opportunity to apply what they learned in real work situations. While widely used in public education, portfolios have yet to gain widespread acceptance in enterprise learning and development. a systematic approach to portfolio development. A good teaching portfolio needs to be user-friendly. Leadership development goals are similar, however, involves you identifying development needs, learning opportunities, and then formulating a plan of action. Her portfolio blog is her main means of communicating her ideas. Items in portfolios are called artifacts. While getting feedback from supervisors on work samples is important, it is equally important to solicit reactions and opinions from peers. Check out this step-by-step document to learn how to access the iPD.. Portfolio ContentsBesides basic information, such as a resume, bio, references and performance evaluations, portfolios must include samples of the employee’s work. Larry is also a guest professor at the University of California at Davis. The page on extracurricular activities speaks for itself; this is where you may add your golf score or passion for skiing. I’ve given you all you need to create an informative and attractive portfolio. He is an activist and web designer. Gretchen C. Seibel is a third- and fourth-grade teacher who genuinely enjoys elementary school teaching. If you’re still hesitant to design your own teaching portfolio, here’s a template to get you started. Before you begin, you should decide how you want to present yourself, then make a list of all the important points that support who you are as an educator. You can even get ideas online. Ben makes it clear right from the start that he values open-mindedness in education. SLS 2370 is a 2-credit, eight-week online course. This may include a cover letter, letters of recommendation, teaching philosophy, certificates, test scores, and your transcripts. There is no one-size-fits-all design, but there are certain features they all need to have, which I will explain after the examples. Angela’s tagline, “The Cornerstone for Teachers,” makes it clear she offers practical support and resources. 7 Questions You Need To Answer Before Becoming A Full Time eLearning Freelancer – eLearning Industry. The website is easy to navigate, and the hot topics are easy to see. A portfolio is a good way to address that issue. He does clearly list his accomplishments, but this first-year teacher portfolio is more like a journal where we can see his thoughts and fears, as well as his development. The contact page or contact information should be prominently placed and easy to find. Examples of the types of artefacts that may be presented in a learner’s portfolio include ... learning and development over time (Klenowski, Askew & Carnell, 2006). She is a major influencer in education, according to the Academy of Education, Arts and Sciences. Events related to an industry, profession, technology or other aspect of your … Student Learning: E-portfolio has been used to facilitate, document, and archive student learning. Learning professionals face a number of challenges. What are some examples of useful job aids? I also like the idea of … Learning And Development Specialist Resume Examples. I would be truly honored if the authors of these portfolios placed this badge on their websites. Organizations can post model portfolios for positions to give employees an idea of what they need to accomplish and what they should have in their portfolios to get to the next level. May be used by The University of Toledo only to petition for assessment of credit through prior learning and then kept and its confidentiality protected. At least three letters of recommendation tell visitors to your website what others think about your work. To help you complete the portfolio … All rights reserved. samples of each portfolio requirement When conducting performance appraisals, portfolios can be used as one more data point to help supervisors make informed and objective decisions. These items also can be artifacts for the employee’s portfolio. A professor at the University of Northern Colorado, Marc C. Santos’s main interests include research on rhetoric, ethics, critical and post-critical thinking, sophistry, new media, and gaming. When people hear the term “knowledge management,” they often think of a formal system that requires a great deal of money and time. All you need to do is just copy and paste this code in an HTML editor: . What I like. Your degrees, awards and certificates can be listed in a timeline. The vibe is friendly and welcoming, and it makes the visitor want to look further into this teacher’s accomplishments. I was born on the 20 February 1987 at 00.00 sharp. After identifying the reasons for using portfolio assessment, you need to determine what type of portfolio best suits your needs. She has participated in many exhibitions and performances in art and history, and fights for equal rights to higher education for lower-income families. Kelly Walsh is the CIO of The College of Westchester, and is on the Faculty of Administration. Ross McGill is the top influencer of education in the United Kingdom. Finally, include three letters of recommendation from prominent people in your area, either a professor or mentor, a parent of a student, or the principal of a school where you taught. Things to consider for those wanting to make the leap to freelance work. This is a good example of an elementary teacher’s portfolio. If you prefer a hard copy, it needs to look professional with a hard cover, good graphics, and easy-to-read, well-formatted pages. Lisa finds and shares innovative ways for students to get real-world experience and success. This contrast can be a difficult situation to face. While portfolios may not be the Swiss Army knife of learning, they can serve as a valuable tool for supervisors and managers. This portfolio is straightforward and easy to navigate. 1. Portfolios are well established in writing. Supervisors can use employee work samples to demonstrate measurable standards they are looking for in promotion. He is the Director of Curriculum, Training and Research at Roompact, a company that provides educational software solutions for residential facilities in higher education. Could you post some beautifully designed sample teaching portfolios in pdf format that you consider of high quality and would help a novice like me create my own style? I did my ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level in 2004 and 2006 respectively. © 2020 - Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. For each of the four you have chosen, you will need to describe: 1. what you did; 2. how you used the knowledge, skill or behaviour; 3. what you’ve learned; and 4. how you would apply what you’ve learned if you were faced with a similar situation in the future. It is engagingly written, and actually makes you want to visit again to see how he is doing. Learning practitioners may be missing out on a valuable tool for employee development. Seeing good portfolio items may help educate supervisors and managers who have hiring responsibilities. You spend a lot of time with your colleagues, so it is … She created this blog to make it easier for other teachers to take advantage of some of the best devices out there to upgrade their classrooms without having to do the research themselves. PDP Policy Update: NEW! She is a visiting assistant professor at Pratt Institute. Whether your portfolio is also an e-commerce site, a portal to book you for consultations, or simply a CV for potential employers, there are five items it must have: Your digital portfolio needs to have certain features to give easy access to your information: It’s crucial to choose the best place to build your portfolio. Environmental Design. Some of the resumes above are very impressive and some are simple, but all of them show dedication to teaching. How you view education defines your work ethic and motivation. Here you will find a variety of ePortfolios that include thoughtful reflections and relevant artifacts that showcase student learning to audiences outside the University. Supervisors and managers can work with the employee in the learning process and provide ideas and feedback on how the employee can improve. While portfolios are not a cure-all for workplace learning professionals, they do provide managers with documented employee performance that can assist them in a variety of instances. Prior Learning Handbook Sample Portfolio . This in part helps address the issue of how to measure and evaluate learning. It contains your education and job experience. Dr. Brown’s teaching philosophy is the first thing you see on his educator page, and you can tell that he’s passionate about it. What I like. Standards for Learning and Professional DevelopmentPortfolios can be used to establish standards in an organization for employee performance. This might include simple forms, job aids, tutorials, project reports, multimedia productions, training videos and course curriculum. He provides examples that show how interesting his methods are for students, because he wants learning to originate from the student, not the teacher. Ross has taught in some of the most challenging secondary schools in London. Larry Ferlazzo is a high school teacher who specializes in English and social studies. I get commissions for purchases made through some links in this post. The home page starts with a photo of José working at his school. A list or timeline of degrees/certificates/awards is sufficient to clearly show your achievements in each area to which you contribute. Your portfolio can become a valuable tool to foster your ongoing learning throughout your career. RecruitmentMany leaders indicate that selecting the right people for the job may be the one of the most important decisions managers make. Managers should encourage employees to seek out feedback from their peers on their portfolios, as well as other colleagues.