There are companies that provide us with the Email... OTRS (Open-Source Ticket Request System) is a free system that any institution can use to assign unique identifiers called tickets to service or information... Cacti is a complete network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool's data storage and graphing functionality. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The “Mint Update” tool is really educative for Linux users to understand how the system update works. to make the system more lightweight for older computers. The latest version – Linux Mint 19 (the time of publishing this post) uses Ubuntu 18.04 at its core. There are many Linux distributions out there, and each one of them has its own features and programs. In fact, it is an important aspect in Windows 10.... Today we are going to learn that how to install OpenNMS Network Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu 20.04. Install MyCli on Ubuntu 20.04 / Linux Mint 20, How To Install Rocket Chat On Ubuntu 20.04, How to disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 10, Organize your library by installing Koha on Debian 10. Are you all about the performance of your system? Let’s try to clear up what this means and why it matters to you. It is well known that security is an essential concern in any system. The latest version – Linux Mint 19 (the time of publishing this post) uses Ubuntu 18.04 at its core. best Linux distributions for old computers, How to Open Port for a Specific IP Address in Firewalld, How to Install MongoDB Community Edition on Ubuntu, A Beginners Guide To Learn Linux for Free [with Examples], Red Hat RHCSA/RHCE 8 Certification Study Guide [eBooks], Linux Foundation LFCS and LFCE Certification Study Guide [eBooks]. The KDE Plasma provides a sleek & elegant look-and-feel with numerous wallpapers and polished icons. While they may be based on Ubuntu, each flavor ships with its own unique style and variations to make it stand out from the rest. The latest Mint release is Linux Mint 20 and is based on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. The goal is to make desktop experience more enjoyable and simpler. The Ubuntu user interface may be confusing, or you may want to customize the … Also, this is my first time connecting a gamepad, so I have done some mistakes along the way, like not assigning the correct key combination for the gamepad. Ubuntu is free open-source software anybody can modify and use as a basis to create their own Ubuntu-based distro.Ubuntu itself is a distro that also doesn’t start from scratch. And spoiler: they're not all Ubuntu based, either! There are also other notable features like Timeshift to create a snapshot of your system. In this guide, we are going to explore some of the most popular Ubuntu-based Linux variants. Focuses on web apps like Skype, MS Office etc. The desktop environment, as the name suggests, is the KDE Plasma. How to install the lastest OTRS on Ubuntu 18.04? The free version is more than you’ll need, no need to worry about the PAID one. The end result is a faster and reliable system that enables you to do so much more. A portmanteau of Xfce and Ubuntu, Xubuntu is a community-driven Ubuntu variant that is lean, stable, and highly customizable. That’s because it’s only the latest KDE Plasma desktop environment on an Ubuntu LTS (stable and supported officially) release. Descubre cuales son las mejores distribuciones basadas en Ubuntu, todas ellas con diferentes entornos gráficos para que elijas el que más te gusta.A tu disposición tienes distribuciones como Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Linux Mint, Lubuntu o Xubuntu y todas ellas tienen un mismo denominador común: están basadas en Ubuntu. Additionally, you get to enjoy powerful applications such as LibreOffice, Calendar app & slack, and games that work out of the box. Note that there are 2 versions of Zorin OS available – Zorin OS Ultimate (paid) and Zorin OS Essentials (free). This is obviously one of the best Linux distros that use Ubuntu at its core. Like Ubuntu, it’s quite easy to install and use. While Timeshift was introduced in version 18.3 and to all Linux Mint releases, ... Best Arch-based distros; Please Stay connected and Enjoy with us this wonderful website Contact us: There are also other notable … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Ubuntu-based distros. You will get a secured cloud platform for your enterprise. That’s why most of the macOS users will appreciate this distro than most of the others in the market. The two systems are as apart as the east is from the west in almost all aspects from the software repositories to the package manager.