As fishermen, we know there are times when our favorite spots are just not active so we built our Hot Spots feature to show you where the fish are biting in the area of Back Bay. Back Bay was one of the hottest largemouth bass fisheries in the country throughout the 1960s, '70s and early '80s, drawing anglers to its nearly 25,000 acres of shallow, weed-filled waters. A back-bay keeper striper that couldn’t resist a clam belly drifted back with the current. Now the Bay is back to what it used to be. Sonny Gregory is the chief guide working out of Lovitt's. Routh’s film has gone a long way towards this. Fifty years ago, the shallow bay was full of subaquatic grass and big largemouth. Black Sea Bass Tackle and Bait. “Surveys of anglers show that fishing contributed over $275,000 to the local economy in 2016.”, The Back Bay story is part of a larger tale of inter-agency cooperation and new technology combined with increased public awareness to bring about a culture change. Post navigation. “That fly pattern was designed for Back Bay,” Routh discovered. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support! “People are interested in the fishing,” Routh says. 147 likes. One theory was to pump salt water back in and restore the balance. Once Back Bay was famous for its great bass fishing and superb water-fowl hunting. Photos by Streit & B4 participants. February 26, 2020. Got 4 bass all of them good size. Surveys of the bay recovered stocked bass, which had been marked with a dye, and more homegrown bass. Better for bass flyrodders, for sure. Excellent condition, motor has 411 hours. A colleague and I worked over the marshy shorelines and shallow bays of Back Bay for a day and a half last week just after the presidential party retreated to Washington. Makes splashing, clicking, and popping noises; Imitates baitfish There's a complicated tale behind the current state of success at Back Bay. Back Bay is never more than about three feet deep and most of the water is dominated by weeds called Eurasian milfoil. Words by John Streit. Most recently, Boyce has been genetically testing the bass in Back Bay. We missed a few of them, too, but before an hour had passed we had two giants in the boat. He spent hours trading stories with outdoor writer and fly fishing instructor Lefty Kreh and Walt Cary, inventor of the Walt’s Popper. The Bass are back! That's a big fish. The Rebirth Of Legendary Back Bay Bass Fishery, Issue 34 Kayak Angler Magazine - Spring 2018, Why Ultra-Tough Fishing Rods Bend But Never Break, The most valuable fish in America is inedible to humans and impossible to catch, Motorboaters and kayak anglers fight it out on and off the water, 10 Easy Steps To Properly Catch-Photo-Release A Fish, How Manufacturers Repurpose Old Plastic For Kayak Fishing. They also installed a weir at an important source of runoff. She ought to know how. As Virginia Beach grew, the bay died. Back Bay at one time was the best largemouth bass fishery in the country. Runoff clouded the water making it impossible for the grass to grow. Back Bay The Movie. Routh interviewed the old-timers and kayak fished with current sharpies. That number jumped to 40 bass per hour in 2017.”, Boyce is most excited about another number. Spotted Sand Bass. Featuring Lefty Kreh, Walt Cary, and Todd Barnes “We should be averaging four-to six-pounders with eight-pounders and bigger ones thrown in,” he brags. Overfishing and mismanagement were too much for the bass to beat. The sounds attract fish such as redfish, trout, snook, and flounder. Back Bay of Biloxi is a bay located just .8 miles from D'Iberville, in Harrison County, in the state of Mississippi, United States. Because the lake is so shallow the bass almost always seem willing to take top-water lures like popping bugs. Routh knew miles of marshy shoreline and thousands of acres of open water had to hold hundreds of largemouth bass.