Yes, butter is good for us and such a better choice than the factory-made chemical laden toxic spreads that have been touted as ‘healthy.’ As the saying goes, ‘we trust cows more than chemists.’, At Pinkfarm, we often discuss which butter is better and we both often get asked which butter we use. It is 82.9 percent butterfat. Easy to work with, they produce light, flaky and flavoursome croissants every time. Organic definitely doesn’t automatically mean grassfed. But, I have used butter a few times recently. Mainland is a great brand too. Our Products Range. ), and greater fat loss in the obese and overweight – pops up in the flesh and dairy of the animal. If not, why? Anchor Butter Sheets are made from New Zealand pasteurised cream. Trader Joe’s brand organic butter is also grass-fed, and it’s about a dollar or so less per pound than the Kerrygold. I’ve made my own ghee from grass-fed butter. I have not tried this one yet, but just contacted Humboldt Creamery and left a message with a rep to call me back so I can confirm the apparent position they take of having cows that are grass fed year round AND the butter is also organic. You’ll find ideas for family-friendly places to eat, play, work, shop and everything in between, from Balmoral to Berowra. Where the cows were living and feeding, because as we know many parts of Australia are drier than others. Depending on the time of year, the butter can vary. Interesting comments below too. Anchor butter is another tasty one. Both are delicious (I tend to favor the Anchor butter). Erin is here for another round of Ask a Health Coach. One question though…what’s the difference between spreadable and the more solid variety? Furthermore, being a wet country the drought risk is low (they don't have to substitute grain to keep the farm going). Especially when frying luncheon meat. “While the grass-fed camp may be outnumbered, they are plucky, pugnacious fighters with superior armament, training, and tactics. None in the local stores, or health stores. New Zealand’s mild temperatures, moderate rainfall, and abundant sunshine provide a climate that allows cows access to pasture year-round. I’m trying out the bullet proof style coffee which is grass fed butter and coconut oil in your coffee in the morning instead of milk. I wonder why pasteurization is never mentioned? @Kishore .. I dont want to sound like i live in denial but, you know what they say.. Even Organic Pastures (basically the only commercially available raw dairy in CA) supplements there cows with grain. The KS organic was $7.99 for 2 pounds, or $3.99 per pound. Regarding this farm that say they use the whole corn plant, this is bad news. I’m switching back. Is this it, the same as what you guys are talking about? When fed to cattle this corn silage is mixed with hay or haylage to balance out a healthy ration of protein and energy. Even on its own, the buttery flavor I’ve learned to look for was barely perceptible. (Although this has been corroborated by peeking at butter in the fridge). Ghee – prefect choice for the lactose or casein intolerant! Even Marks and Spencer note on their minced beef that it’s raised on a grass AND grain diet so i dont hold much hope for other suppliers not using grain. While the grass-fed camp may be outnumbered, they are plucky, pugnacious fighters with superior armament, training, and tactics. Ooooo this is getting me really excited to try the stash of Kerrygold butter in my fridge that I asked my mom to bring from Trader Joe’s the last time she visited. Butter, mentega, dan margarin apakah produk yang sama? You can find us in Ontario and BC. I just ordered some off their website and it comes with a cool little pamphlet all about their grassfed ghee and methods used. Does anyone knows where to get grass-fed butter in Canada ? Organic Valley / Organic Prairie Whole foods sells ghee that specifically says on the side “pasture raised.”. Like Kerrygold, Anchor is yellow because of the grass the cows are eating, compared to the white butter derived from the milk of corn-fed cows. Vitamin K2 is another vital component of grass-fed butter. I don’t want to slather butter onto everything if the pros are not there ie less vitamins etc. But I’m concerned about the cholesterol oxidizing under heat. Mainland butter is also from grassfed cows from New Zealand, however this butter unfortunately contains salt and does not specify if this is sea salt. I LOVE Kate’s!. The label says it now is Organic Valley!!!! Price Foundation meet-up. It isn’t significant if your diet is not full of processed foods which are full of salt. Wonder what that means? Wouldn’t it be more important to look for raw butter first? Not all Anchor is the same. Yesterday I finished the chapter where he talks about mixing equal parts grassfed butter and cod liver oil as a supplement to activate fat soluable vitamins. However, in this instance, I can say that it is. Whether it’s grass or grain fed, butter processed at very high temperatures lacks all the important enzymes and its natural fat structure. I make ghee at home with KerryGold butter and the texture is always grainy. This, apparently, indicates purity – but I am no expert. I absolutely love the butter that their heavy cream makes, it literally tastes good enough to eat all by itself. Vitamin K2, in case you weren’t aware, appears to reduce, prevent, or even counteract arterial plaque, and it helps the body use calcium correctly and effectively. Alright… 92% is it? that Diet of Mongolia page is good reading. Load more . Westgold butter has been sold throughout the world by Westland Milk Products for more than 15 years. Also, do you think training in ketosis and then carb-loading for races is a good idea? I purchase mine online and it is soooooooooooooo good!! Does anyone know that if “Westgold butter” made by Westland Milk Products is made from grass-fed cows? If people want to try find some Anchor butter. I am using the right butter! I complained to Kerrygold, but they say it’s the same stuff. Quality of Butter/Ghee or butter oil depends on Cow’s diet. interesting…so is cooking the only reason for ghee? Also Kerrygold makes a very good Reserve Cheddar (aged 2-years) that I sometimes eat in combination with butter (oink oink) but funny enough, it goes better with the OV butter than their own. We know that the greener the pastures, the more Vitamins (A,D and K) the butter will contain. Eat it with a fried egg in butter and migoreng. I am desperately trying to find a retail location for a ghee that is supposed to be even better than Pure Indian Foods, the Ancient Organics line. Support your local economy and only buy butter from a farmer that will welcome you to come and confirm that their operation is 100% grass fed. I definitely agree with the pure indian foods grassfed ghee. I’m concerned that in a year or two you all will have lowered metabolisms, illnesses, and damaged thyroids. Ancient Organics – grass fed – very rich color – from Straus Creamery butter – priced accordingly, detailed review of various brands: +95-1-290 170, +95-1-294 045, +95-1-296 594, +95-1-294 685, +95-1-291 318 +95-1 296 928. . Through the dry season the milking herd is reduced and the cows are fed on dry fodder (hay) and some grain. Packed full of practical info, our website features articles written by local mums, an up-to-the-minute events guide, a local business directory, a job board, as well as exclusive offers and competitions. Now, I am on the hunt for a truly grass fed AND organic butter. Amanda (‘Pinky’) is a city girl, and lives on Sydney’s lower north shore with her beautiful son. However, you have to wonder if the dung of domestic animals was less offensive in those days. Grain-fed cows, on the other hand, produce a ratio tilted heavily toward omega 6. “While the grass-fed camp may be outnumbered, they are plucky, pugnacious fighters with superior armament, training, and tactics”. Westgold products will take your taste-buds all the way to the West Coast of New Zealand. However, until 2016, it was only sold in New Zealand as a bulk product for use as an ingredient by bakeries and other large scale food producers. I just made some ghee last week from grass-fed cultured butter. Website by Woof Byte. I’ve been harassing my Costco to try to get them to carry it year-round. NSM Review: Sprout Wholefood Cafe & Grocer. I buy the Lurpak or Kerrygold or President – Challenge butter is good too but it’s not grassfed. I also noted that O.V butter doesn’t melt as fast as Kerrygold. A year or so ago, you could get WestGold butter from New Zealand in Singapore.